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How to find if water from the tap is safe in Bulgaria?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Bulgaria. The water quality in Bulgaria meets the European Union's standards and is considered safe to drink. However, some travelers may prefer bottled water, particularly in rural areas or during peak tourist season, as the water taste may vary depending on the local water treatment processes.

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How can I find information about smoking in Bulgaria?

Smoking in restaurants and other public places has been restricted in Bulgaria since 2012. According to the country's anti-tobacco legislation, smoking is prohibited in indoor public spaces, including restaurants, cafes, bars, and other similar establishments. There are also restrictions on smoking in outdoor public areas, such as parks and playgrounds. Exceptions to the

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How to connect to a Bulgarian power socket?

How to connect to a Bulgarian power socket? In Bulgaria, the power plug sockets used are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the frequency is 50 Hz. Bulgaria uses the European (CEE 7) standard for electrical plugs and sockets (outlets). Bulgaria uses a Type F wall socket, also known

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The Bulgarian Alphabet

The Bulgarian alphabet is an alphabet used to write the Bulgarian language. It is based on the Cyrillic alphabet, which was developed in the 9th century by missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius and modified better to suit the phonetic characteristics of the Bulgarian language. Today’s Bulgarian alphabet consists of 30 letters, and it is written

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Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Slavic language family. It is spoken by around 9 million people, mainly in Bulgaria, where it is the official language. Bulgarian is also spoken as a second language by communities of speakers in other countries, including Serbia, Romania, and other countries. One of the most

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Essential Foundations About Bulgaria (Basics)

Bulgaria is a European country with a population of slightly less than 7 million people, an area of 110,000 square kilometers, and a capital city, Sofia. The official language is Bulgarian, the currency used is the lev, and the literacy rate is very high at 98%. Bulgaria has a temperate climate with cold

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Bulgaria’s Sporting Heritage – Facts

Bulgaria has a rich sporting heritage, with soccer being the most popular sport. The Bulgarian National Team has qualified for multiple World Cups and produced successful Olympic athletes, including the world-record holder in the high jump, Stefka Kostadinova. Bansko, a medieval town in Bulgaria, is also a popular destination for skiing. Soccer is

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Captivating Discoveries About Modern Bulgaria

Discover fascinating facts about modern Bulgaria, including its connection to the founder of Facebook, its high internet speeds, and its unique contributions to technology and science. Uncover lesser-known details such as the longest Bulgarian word, the first woman in the world to participate in a military flight, and the country's rich history of

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Discover Facts About the Flavors of Bulgarian Cuisine

Explore the delicious and diverse food culture of Bulgaria, including the famous Shopska salad that won the title of the best dish in Europe, the national drink Rakia, the birthplace of yogurt, a rich history of wine production, and the highly acclaimed white cheese. Get ready to taste the unique flavors of Bulgaria!

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Discover the Beauty of Bulgaria’s Geography and Nature

Explore the stunning landscapes of Bulgaria with its two main mountain ranges, the Balkan and the Rhodope Mountains. Marvel at the country's rich biodiversity and natural wonders, including the unusual rock formations at Belogradchik Rocks. Experience the wellness benefits of Bulgaria's many mineral water springs and spas, all located in a country renowned

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