Discover Facts About Bulgaria: A Land of Wonder, Culture, and History

Embark on a journey to Bulgaria, rich in history, culture, and diverse architecture. With a population of 7 million, Sofia serves as its capital, and Bulgarian is its official language. The mild climate, the high literacy rate, and the friendly people make Bulgaria a unique destination. Its cultural heritage is unmatched, including the gaida, Baba Marta celebrations and 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Marvel at the ancient St. George Rotunda Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the old town of Sozopol. Bulgaria’s customs, traditions, and technological advancements will inspire and uplift thee.

Socium and Architecture

Explore the rich history of Bulgaria through its impressive architecture and social development. From the ancient St. George Rotunda Church in Sofia to

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Visiting from North America, the Netherlands, or Switzerland?

Driving in Bulgaria has specifics, and we took a customized approach to explain them depending on the country of origin, with a sense of humor, and to make your driving experience worry-free.

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