Bulgarian music is now content aware!

Welcome to GuideBG.com/Music ! We are dedicated to adding content Bulgarian music. Here you will find meta tags related to Bulgarian music works. These meta tags are available through BG Music Base and are readily available to use for your music collection! Here you will also find original CD covers for official albums, singles, as well as for various music enthusiasts’ compilations.

All meta tags are offered under a Copyleft license, as an expression of our view that BG Music Base may have an economic effects beyond its creators’ limitations. The availability of quality information about Bulgarian music could encourage authors and publishers of music, as well as commercial ventures in the field of Bulgarian art and culture to increase the quality of their products in order to be competitive. Also, we hope that this will lead to an increase in the quality of the services offered by public music databases (such as Discogs).

Таланта има имена

Talent matters, and talents have names!

Discover artists, composers and authors of the lyrics of the great Bulgarian songs!

Music and Meta data

Currently, music players and music collection organizers can recognize and maintain limited meta-tag types for flac, mp3, ape and other types of audio formats. Luckily, widely supported meta-tag categories allow for embedding information about the main roles involved with music creation within the audio file.

We take an extra step here! All the meta-tags you can download from here contain a grammatically correctly spelled Artist name, Album and Title of the work. For a very large part of the musical works, information about Composers, Songwriters, Conductor, Arrangement, Brand and Edition serial number and other details has been added.

Музика и мета данни

The meta data @ BG Music Base

Bulgarian music with meta tags – makes it possible to search for and find the right song by title of the performance, artist, band, album, year of release, lyricist, composer, publisher or other main roles.

  • Album artist

  • Album name

  • Title

  • Release year

  • Artists (other artists)

  • Composer

  • Genre

  • Lyricist

  • Conductor

  • Editing

  • Remixed by

  • Label

Информацията в BG Music Base

Bulgarian music also comes to life in color!

Музикалната фолклорна, поп и рок история в цвят!

Bulgarian folklore, pop and rock history in color!

Bulgarian music in color!

New covers for various folklore collections and musical compilations. Revived covers of the old plates of Balkanton.

Modern color for the old vinyl!

Restored and re-colored by artificial intelligence (AI) vinyl cover of Vielicka Stambolova issued by Balkanton in 1960.

GuideBG provides meta tags and content for Bulgarian music collections and does not provide music or audio files for download. For further details and information, you can refer to the specific topics in the “What & Why” section.

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