Speed Limits and Speeding Fines


Renting a Car in Bulgaria

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GUIDEBG’S REVIEW Renting a Car in Bulgaria DRIVING IN BULGARIA Renting a car in Bulgaria is easy. Most big car rental chains are presented in the country, and some local ones

E-Vignette and the BG-Toll System

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GUIDEBG’S BRIEFS E-Vignette and the BG-Toll System DRIVING IN BULGARIA Vignette is required for all vehicles up to 3.5t on the road network (almost all roads) in Bulgaria. We recommend you

Road Safety Regulations in Bulgaria

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GUIDEBG’S BRIEFS Road Safety Regulations in Bulgaria DRIVING IN BULGARIA Road safety regulations in Bulgaria include posted speed limits according to the type of road and vehicle and fines for speed


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Petrol Stations in Bulgaria

More than half of the petrol stations in Bulgaria are franchises of large networks, such as Shell, Petrol, OMV, Eko, Lukoil, etc. Their fuel quality complies with European standards. Smaller petrol stations in rural areas will provide only essential types of gas and diesel, and sometimes their fuel quality can be lower than at the network stations. There are more than 3000 petrol stations in Bulgaria, and usually, they are a maximum of 50 km apart. LPG-powered vehicles are popular outside big cities, and LPG stations are available at many filling stations.

Filling up is a straightforward process. An attendant will approach you asking what type and how much fuel you need to fill and if a tire pressure check or windshield fluid is needed. You can tell him what you need and go inside the station to pay. You can tip the attendant BGN 1, but this is not mandatory. Cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted. Contactless payment options are becoming popular as well.

Large petrol stations have convenience stores as well, as well as fast food and coffee.

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