Wednesday, November 29, 2023



Playground Politics: A Child’s Guide to Understanding Geopolitics

Imagine a big playground where all the children are playing. This playground is like our world, and all the children are like the different...

The Butterfly Effect

The gentle flutter of a butterfly's wings in Bulgaria sets off a ripple of kind actions, illustrating how our smallest deeds can create big, positive changes, and teaching kids the impactful value of kindness and cooperation in our communities.

Global Warming

Imagine Bulgaria as a giant, beautiful room in the home of our Earth. In this room, there's a special window that lets in the...

Understanding Money

What are Money Magic Beans? Let's pretend that money is like magic beans. You can swap these magic beans for things you want or need....

Understanding Inflation

What is Inflation? Imagine you're at a Bulgarian fair. You've been saving your coins to buy a big, sweet loaf of banitsa. But when you...

Math Puzzle – Advanced

Greetings, fearless Mathematicians! Are you ready to test your number prowess in the most challenging arena of them all? Welcome to "Puzzle Master: The Ultimate...

Math Puzzle – Medium Level

Welcome to "Mathemystery: Crack the Code" on UnpluggedPlaytime at, our exclusive medium-level math puzzle game. Brace yourself as you dive deeper into the universe of numbers, equations, and geometric shapes. With every puzzle you solve, you'll be one step closer to cracking the ultimate code!

Math Puzzle for the Youngest and Beginners

Welcome to the Math Puzzle for Beginners, an enchanting game from UnpluggedPlaytime on, specially designed for our youngest mathematicians.

Snakes and Ladders

Will you climb the ladder to success or slide down a sneaky serpent's back? Embark on an offline adventure full of exciting ups and downs, perfect for kids and fun for the whole family!

Find the 11 Hidden Objects – Store Adventure

This engaging Unplugged Playtime offline game is your passport to a world of exploration and fun. Crafted with love and creativity, it invites children into a heartwarming scene of a mother spending time with her kids.
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