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Facts about Bulgaria

Socium and Architecture

Explore the rich history of Bulgaria through its impressive architecture and social development. From the ancient St. George Rotunda Church in Sofia to the sophisticated Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the charming cobblestone streets of Kovachevitsa, there’s a story to be told at every turn.

Road Infrastructure and Road Conditions in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, with its significantly low population density among European nations (around 62 inhabitants per square kilometer), showcases a different side of road infrastructure. The...

Residential Property Market in Bulgaria

The residential property market in Bulgaria has been growing in recent years, with demand for housing increasing due to the pre-COVID country’s strong economic growth...

Political System of Bulgaria

The political system of Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic in which the government is organized with a separation of powers between the executive, legislative,...

Institutions in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, a network of essential institutions forms the nation's governance and development backbone. These organizations, ranging from government bodies to administrative agencies, play...

Essential Information About Bulgaria

Essential Information About Bulgaria offers insights into its rich heritage, vibrant culture, and must-see destinations.

Elections and Parliamentary Seats in Bulgaria

A visual representation of the parliamentary seats won by each political party in Bulgaria from 2014 to 9 June 2024.

Discover the Beauty of Bulgaria’s Geography and Nature

Explore Bulgaria's stunning nature, where diverse geography and vibrant ecosystems come together in a breathtaking tapestry.

Discover Facts About the Flavors of Bulgarian Cuisine

Explore Bulgaria's delicious and diverse food culture, including the famous Shopska salad that won the title of the best dish in Europe, the national...

Captivating Discoveries About Modern Bulgaria

Discover fascinating facts about modern Bulgaria, including its connection to the founder of Facebook, its high internet speeds, and its unique contributions to technology...

Bulgaria’s Sporting Heritage

Exploring Bulgaria's Sporting Excellence: From Soccer and Rhythmic Gymnastics to Olympic Triumphs and World Records.

Bulgaria’s Healthcare System

Bulgaria's healthcare system offers a unique blend of well-trained medical professionals and a growing appeal for expats, despite its challenges.
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