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Camping in Bulgaria

Since July 2023, new rules for "free camping" have been debated in the Bulgarian Parliament, and camping will likely become more regulated. Regulation changes are expected to come into force in January 2024, and they will likely limit camping activities in areas such as preserves, natural landmarks, and protected areas. "Free camping" zones are expected to be regulated. They will require the availability of mobile sanitary points, dedicated parking spaces, and a clear statement of the camping zone's rules to be displayed.

Navigating Your Car Allowance in Bulgaria

Exploring the concept of car allowance can significantly influence your decision-making process when selecting the ideal vehicle to meet both your budget and lifestyle needs.

Common Traffic Violations by Cyclists in Bulgaria

Bicycle usage is becoming popular across Bulgaria, with many cities promoting biking as a primary mode of transportation. However, some common violations are committed by cyclists, often due to a lack of awareness or disregard for the rules.

Renting a Car in Bulgaria

Welcome to the "Renting a car in Bulgaria" Guide - your reliable partner for a trouble-free journey. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a...

How to get my car repaired in Bulgaria?

To get your car repaired in Bulgaria, look for shops specializing in the repair you need. If you drive a new car that is under warranty, you may want first to call or directly visit the authorized service of your car maker.

Road Safety Regulations in Bulgaria

Road safety regulations in Bulgaria include speed limits according to the type of road and vehicle and fines for speed limit violations. Observing these...

Road Infrastructure and Road Conditions in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, with its significantly low population density among European nations (around 62 inhabitants per square kilometer), showcases a different side of road infrastructure. The...

Parking in Bulgaria

Parking on the streets in Sofia Parking in Sofia, like in many large European cities, can be quite challenging, particularly on business days. Originally built...

How to get road assistance in Bulgaria?

To get road assistance in Bulgaria, contact the Bulgarian Drivers Association (BDA) by dialing 146 or +359  2 911 46. They provide 24/7 roadside assistance, including towing, tire repair, jump starts,...

How to drive on snow in Bulgaria?

Driving on snow and ice in Bulgaria can be challenging, especially for those not used to driving in these conditions. Here, we are summarizing...

How to drive in wet conditions in Bulgaria?

Master the art of safe driving in heavy rain with key strategies like slowing down, using headlights and windshield wipers, maintaining a safe distance, and more to navigate wet roads and potential hazards effectively.

How to drive in Bulgaria?

Driving in Bulgaria can differ from what drivers in Western Europe and America are used to. Here are some general tips on “How to...
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