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The Scientific Approach

Have you ever wondered how scientists make amazing discoveries and solve big mysteries? They use a special process called the scientific method. It's like a recipe for finding out new things about the world.

Social Circles

Have you ever wondered about the different kinds of relationships you have with people around you? Your interactions can be grouped into different social circles, each with its own level of closeness and type of connection.

Playground Politics: A Child’s Guide to Understanding Geopolitics

Each child wants to play with the best toys and in the best spots, just like countries wish to have the best resources and land and play "geopolitics".

The Butterfly Effect

The gentle flutter of a butterfly's wings in Bulgaria sets off a ripple of kind actions, illustrating how our smallest deeds can create big, positive changes, and teaching kids the impactful value of kindness and cooperation in our communities.

Global Warming

"Embark on a journey with us to learn how global warming is turning up the heat in Bulgaria's beautiful room on Earth, and how we can cool it down together.

Understanding Money

Let's pretend that money is like magic beans. You can swap these magic beans for things you want or need, just like Jack in the fairy tale.

Understanding Inflation

Imagine you're at a Bulgarian fair. You've been saving your coins to buy a big, sweet loaf of banitsa. But when you get to the bakery stall, you find it now costs double the coins.

The Concept of Time Explained for Kids

Time is a fascinating concept that can be difficult for kids to understand, but it’s important to know the basics!

The Laws of Motion Explained for Kids

Laws of motion are rules that explain how things move. They were discovered by Sir Isaac Newton, a famous scientist who lived a long time ago.

Institutions Explained for Kids

Institutions are organizations or groups of people that have a specific purpose or function. They play an important role in our society, and we need them for many different reasons.
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