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Bulgaria With Kids

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KIDS: Keep It Delightfully Simple

How to Travel with Kids: Your One-Stop Comprehensive Guide to Bulgarian Adventure With Kids. Choosing Your Bulgarian Destination.

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Welcome to Unplugged Playtime, a wonderland of screen-free fun where imagination reigns supreme! Explore our treasure trove of crosswords, spot-the-differences, origami, word hunts, drawing tutorials, and so much more – all designed to spark curiosity and creativity in young minds. Get ready for an offline adventure like no other!

Crossword – 8 Words – Learn Bulgaria

Ready, Set, Solve! Dive into our 8-word Bulgarian adventure and unlock the fun with every crossword clue! Download the 8-Word Learn Bulgaria for Kids Crossword And...

Summertime – 10 – Words Crossword

Cool Clues, Summer Views: Dive into our Summertime Crossword Fun! Download the Summertime Crossword for Kids Answers are included in the crossword.

Find the 22 Differences Game

Step up to the challenge! Unleash your detective skills and uncover all 22 hidden differences in this ultimate Spot the Difference quest! Download Find the...

Summer Word Search Game

Summer Fun is Here! Can you find all 16 sunny words in our sizzling Summer Word Search Challenge? Download the 16-Words Word Search Game Answers to...
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Kids Learn History

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Learn Bulgaria Crossword – Cities

Fasten your seatbelts, geography gurus! Navigate the tricky paths of our "Learn Bulgaria Crossword - Cities". Are you up for the challenge? Get the Learn...
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Learn Bulgaria

Color a Bulgarian Folklore Motif

Dive into the rich tapestry of Bulgarian culture with this Unplugged Playtime offline game. Your child will bring to life beautiful patterns inspired by Bulgarian folklore, all while enhancing their number recognition and coloring skills.

Me-Time Fun

Math Puzzle – Advanced

Welcome to "Puzzle Master: The Ultimate Math Challenge", our advanced-level math puzzle game on UnpluggedPlaytime at

Play With Friends

Snakes and Ladders

Will you climb the ladder to success or slide down a sneaky serpent's back? Embark on an offline adventure full of exciting ups and downs, perfect for kids and fun for the whole family!