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What to Do if a Bee Stings You?

Getting stung by a bee can be quite a surprise and might hurt, but don't worry! Here’s a guide to help you take care of yourself and feel better quickly. Follow these steps to treat a bee sting effectively.

What to Do if You Have Skin Burn?

Getting a skin burn can be painful, but don't worry! Here are some practical steps and tips to help you take care of your skin and feel better quickly.

What to Do if You Are Lost in the Forest?

Getting lost in the forest can be a scary experience, but with the proper knowledge and actions, you can stay safe and find your way back. Here are some essential tips to help if you find yourself lost in the woods.

Why is Baby Crying?

Babies communicate their discomfort through crying, but pinpointing the exact reason can be difficult. Here are some common reasons why a baby might cry and the initial steps you can take to comfort them.

Seizure Response Plan

Here's a concise guide to effectively respond to a seizure, ensuring safety and support for the individual affected.

Glow Up: Your Guide to Saying Bye-Bye to Acne

Discover the magic of nature with our trendy guide to beating acne using organic remedies and skin-loving foods, tailored just for the fashion-forward and eco-conscious you!

Downed Power Line Hazards

In the face of a dangerous encounter with downed power lines, knowing the right steps can save lives - here's what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Indoor Safety Tips During Lightning

Lightning's indoor hazards are often overlooked, but with the right knowledge, you can keep yourself safe within the walls of your home.

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Good to know emergency numbers in Bulgaria:

European emergency no: 112
Ambulance: 150
Police: 166
Fire service: 160
Roadside Assistance: 146

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