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Downed Power Line Hazards

In the face of a dangerous encounter with downed power lines, knowing the right steps can save lives - here's what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Indoor Safety Tips During Lightning

Lightning's indoor hazards are often overlooked, but with the right knowledge, you can keep yourself safe within the walls of your home.

Outdoor Safety Tips During Lightning

Lightning demands respect and precaution, so when the skies grow dark and the storm approaches, it's crucial to know how to stay safe outdoors.

Frostbite Prevention

Facing the chill of winter requires more than just a warm coat; it’s about understanding and guarding against the silent threat of frostbite.

Managing a Heat Stroke

In the heart of Bulgaria's sun-drenched summers, understanding how to recognize and respond to heat stroke is essential for both locals and visitors alike.

Summer and Winter Tires Change

Gear up for winter roads: Ensure your vehicle's safety and compliance with the Road Traffic Act by switching to winter tires before the November 15th deadline—follow our guide for a seamless transition.

Cardiac Arrest First Aid

Knowing how to administer first aid during a cardiac arrest—including calling for help, performing CPR, and using an AED—can be the difference between life and death during this critical emergency.

Choking First Aid

Knowing how to respond to choking emergencies with appropriate first-aid techniques like back blows and the Heimlich Maneuver can be a life-saving skill for people of all ages, from babies to adults.

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Good to know emergency numbers in Bulgaria:

European emergency no: 112
Ambulance: 150
Police: 166
Fire service: 160
Roadside Assistance: 146

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