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What To Do in a Case of Flood

When rising waters threaten, knowing the right steps to take can make all the difference; this guide provides essential instructions on what to do in case of a flood, helping you protect yourself and your property effectively.

What To Do in a Case of Earthquake

Being caught in an earthquake can be a terrifying experience, but understanding the right procedures and precautions to take when the ground starts to shake can significantly increase your chances of survival; this guide will walk you through essential actions to take during an earthquake.

What To Do in s Case of Fire

When a fire unexpectedly breaks out, knowing exactly what to do can make the difference between a close call and a tragedy; here's a comprehensive guide on how to respond effectively during a fire incident.

Converting Fahrenheit and Celsius

In Bulgaria, we use the metric system, and to measure temperature, we use Celsius. If you are visiting from Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize,...

How To Call Bulgarian Phone Numbers

Navigating international calling can be tricky - here's a simplified guide to dialing a Bulgarian phone number from your foreign cell phone while you're in Bulgaria.

Emergency Numbers in Bulgaria

The most important emergency number in Bulgaria and in Europe is 112. If you dial 112, you will be connected to the emergency control center. You can call this number using a foreign SIM card or a prepaid mobile phone card with no credit.

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Good to know emergency numbers in Bulgaria:

European emergency no: 112
Ambulance: 150
Police: 166
Fire service: 160
Roadside Assistance: 146

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