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Southwestern Bulgaria

The Majestic Musala Peak

Musala Peak, perched at an altitude of 2925.4 meters, proudly stands as the tallest mountain peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan Peninsula. Towering...

Northwestern Bulgaria

With Kids

Playground Politics: A Child’s Guide to Understanding Geopolitics

Imagine a big playground where all the children are playing. This playground is like our world, and all the children are like the different...

The Butterfly Effect

Global Warming


A Guide to Sous Vide Temperature & Cooking Time

Embark on a culinary journey through the world of Sous Vide, where precision meets gastronomic artistry, as we guide you through the quintessential cooking times and techniques for a smorgasbord of meats, vegetables, and eggs.

Bulgarian Meatballs Soup

Bulgarian Lamb and Potatoes

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Photography & Lens

Zeiss Jena Biotar T 58mm f/2

Dive into the vintage world with the Zeiss Jena Biotar T 58mm f/2 lens. This 17-blade wonder is a testament to time, inviting you...

How do I get from Sofia airport to my hotel?

There are several options for getting from Sofia airport in Bulgaria to your hotel or city center: Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside of the...

Is Bulgaria Safe for Traveling with Kids?

Yes, you can consider Bulgaria safe to visit with kids. Bulgaria is known for its friendly and welcoming people. However, as with any less-familiar destination,...

How to drive on snow in Bulgaria?

Driving on snow and ice in Bulgaria can be challenging, especially for those not used to driving in these conditions. Here, we are summarizing...

How can I find information on currency exchange and banking in Bulgaria?

The official currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). Currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, and some hotels. Major credit cards...

How to drive in wet conditions in Bulgaria?

Here are our expert tips for driving in heavy rain: Slow down: The most important thing to do when driving in heavy rain is to...

How to drive in Bulgaria?

Driving in Bulgaria can differ from what drivers in Western Europe and America are used to. Here are some general tips on “How to...
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Golden Sands: A Midday Oasis of Tranquility

This bird's-eye view photo of Golden Sands Resort in Bulgaria, captured under the radiant midday sun, unveils the sheer beauty of this paradisiacal beach...

The Enchanting Aerial View of Tsarevets Fortress in Autumn’s Embrace

As the first rays of sunlight pierce through the morning fog, this ethereal aerial view of Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo unveils a captivating...

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