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Southwestern Bulgaria

Can I ski during my visit to Sofia?

Yes, winter skiing is possible in Sofia, as the city is close to the Vitosha mountain. It will take 30 minutes from the city...

Northwestern Bulgaria

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What Consumers Need to Know About The New EU Wine Labeling Regulations

What does this mean for the wine lover? The European Union has introduced new wine labeling regulations effective December 8, 2023. These changes aim to provide greater transparency and ensure consumers are better informed about the wines they purchase.
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How to get road assistance in Bulgaria?

To get road assistance in Bulgaria, contact the Bulgarian Drivers Association (BDA) by dialing 146 or +359  2 911 46. They provide 24/7 roadside assistance, including towing, tire repair, jump starts,...

Driving Tips for Bulgaria

Here are tips for Bulgaria shared by many drivers who have driven thousands of kilometers in Bulgaria over the last ten years. We selected...

How can I find emergency services if needed?

You can find emergency services in Bulgaria by dialing 112 112 is the European emergency number that connects you to local emergency services such as police,...

Converting Fahrenheit and Celsius

In Bulgaria, we use the metric system, and to measure temperature, we use Celsius. If you are visiting from Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize,...

How can I find information on the visa requirements for Bulgaria?

To find information on visa requirements for Bulgaria, you can visit the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, which has detailed information on the different types...

How to Survive Scorching Summer Days in Bulgaria: Your Ultimate FAQ

When the Bulgarian sun turns up the heat, don't sweat it! Here's your go-to guide for staying cool, hydrated, and sun-safe all summer long.
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Serene Morning at Ahtopol Marina

In the early morning light, the Ahtopol marina awakens with a serene ambiance. An aerial view captures the moment's stillness, with the sun casting gentle rays over the sea's calm, deep green waters.

Aerial View of Sozopol Marina

In this serene aerial photograph, the Old and New marinas of Sozopol, Bulgaria, are bathed in a summer sunset's warm, golden hues.

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