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Archeological Cultures Chronology

Dive into the vibrant chronicle of Bulgaria’s past as we unveil the timeless threads of diverse archeological cultures that graced and influenced its land. Archaeologists have pieced together an intricate timeline that paints a vivid portrait of human history through the unearthing of pottery shards, the ghostly outlines of ancient settlements, and the whispering echoes of long-lost languages.

Each archeological culture – Starčevo, Boian, Karanovo, Ezero, Varna, and more – forms a unique thread in this tapestry, their stories intertwined in a dance of cooperation, conflict, and cultural exchange.

Note: Click the archeological culture name in the legend to exclude/isolate the culture from the group in the chart.

This journey through the archaeological cultures chronology of Bulgaria is not just a tale of bygone eras. A vibrant, living history still shapes the land and its people. So let’s take a step back in time and watch as the grand spectacle of human history in Bulgaria unfolds.

Archeological cultures, groups, and historical civilizations mentioned in this chronology active within the period between 13000 BC and 200 BC:

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