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All FAQs About Bulgarian Wine

Curious about Bulgarian wine? Discover answers to FAQs about tasting notes, regional specialties, and unique labeling practices.

What Consumers Need to Know About The New EU Wine Labeling Regulations

What does this mean for the wine lover? The European Union has introduced new wine labeling regulations effective December 8, 2023. These changes aim to provide greater transparency and ensure consumers are better informed about the wines they purchase.

Bulgarian Wine Labeling: What You Need to Know When Buying a Wine

Buying Bulgarian wine can be an exciting journey, but decoding the labels? Well, that's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube after a glass or two!

Essentials of Bulgarian Wine Origin and Labeling

Bulgarian wine origin, classification, and labeling related to origin, ensuring we can make informed choices about the wine - PDO, PGI, Varietal wines, and wines without PDO and PGI.

Why Does Bulgaria Not Have AOP and AOC Areas?

Bulgaria does not have AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) and AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) areas primarily because these specific designations are part of the French system of geographical indications.

Understanding AOP and IGP Wines: What Do They Mean?

Here, we decode wine label abbreviations like AOP, IGP, AOC, IGT, PDO, DO, VT, VdlT, Landwein, DOC, QmP Grosslage, IPR, ЗГУ, and ЗНП, making it easier for you to choose a bottle of Bulgarian wine.

What is Wine Appellation?

An appellation is a legally defined and protected geographical indication used to identify where the grapes for a wine were grown.

The Rich World of Bulgarian Wines

Bulgaria, one of the world's oldest wine-producing countries, boasts a winemaking tradition that has been going on for over 3,000 years. Today, Bulgarian wines are making a solid comeback on the global stage, captivating wine enthusiasts with their distinctive flavors and exceptional quality.
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