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New Low-Emission Vehicle Policy in Sofia: Restrictions and Alternatives Starting December 2023

Starting December 1, 2023, Sofia is taking a bold step towards cleaner air with a new policy that bars highly polluting vehicles from its...

Bulgarian Customs Rules for Imports and Exports FAQs

Bulgarian Customs Regulations FAQs section outlines the essential rules and regulations set forth by the Bulgarian Customs Authority pertaining to the import and export of goods.

What places must you see in Sofia while on a business trip?

If you’re on a business trip to Sofia and have limited time, here are some of the places you must see in Sofia:

Can I ski during my visit to Sofia?

Yes, winter skiing is possible in Sofia, as the city is close to the Vitosha mountain. It will take 30 minutes from the city...

What is the logic of having different boarding groups?

The logic behind having different boarding groups when boarding a plane is to ensure an organized and efficient process for passengers to get on the plane.

Why must passengers place their luggage above their seats?

When boarding an airplane, passengers must place their luggage in the overhead compartment above their seats. This helps ensure all passengers’ safety and makes...

Is Bulgaria Safe for Traveling with Kids?

Yes, Bulgaria is safe to visit with kids. Bulgaria is known for its friendly and welcoming people. As with any less-familiar destination, taking basic safety...

Is Sofia a good place for business events?

Yes, Sofia is a good place for business events. 

Get Help

Good to know emergency numbers in Bulgaria:

European emergency no: 112
Ambulance: 150
Police: 166
Fire service: 160
Roadside Assistance: 146

What to do in the event of fire?
What to do in the event of car accident?