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Alepu and Drivers Beach

Explore the untamed beauty of Bulgaria's hidden gems - the biodiverse Alepu Swamp and the tranquil Drivers Beach, both offering captivating encounters with nature.

The Saint Sofia Church

Sofia in the Summer



The Untold Story of Bulgarrenault

In the heart of the 1960s, Bulgarrenault emerged as a groundbreaking Franco-Bulgarian automotive alliance, blending engineering innovation with ambitious industrial vision.

The Checkered Present and Future of Fashion’s Most Versatile Pattern

In the checkerboard of fashion trends, checks are the king. They've stood the test of time, continually reinventing themselves without losing their core appeal. So why are we all enamored with this pattern? Because checks aren't just squares; they're the complete package - complex yet straightforward, nostalgic yet evergreen, humble yet stunning.


How can I navigate the public transportation system in Bulgaria?

Public transportation in Bulgaria is widely available, connecting most of the country through rail and road services. Cities such as Sofia have reliable bus, trolleybus,...
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Moments from Bulgarian History

The Karanovo System

Delving into the depths of Southeastern Europe's ancient past, the Karanovo System serves as an archaeological compass, guiding us through the intricate labyrinth of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age cultures.

The Troy

The city of Troy, resonating with the grandeur of the Hellenistic age (330 BC - 85 BC), though not directly linked to modern Bulgaria, casts a wide cultural net across the ancient world, shaping the cultural landscape beyond its immediate boundaries.

The Glina-Schneckenberg Culture

The Glina-Schneckenberg culture, though centered beyond Bulgaria's modern borders, left a significant imprint on the broader canvas of Southeast Europe's prehistoric era, highlighting the interconnectedness of early cultures.

Archeological Cultures Chronology

Dive into the vibrant chronicle of Bulgaria's past as we unveil the timeless threads of diverse archeological cultures that graced and influenced its land....

Cotofeni Culture

Emerging from the dawn of the Bronze Age, the Coţofeni Culture weaves a tale of early human innovation and cultural exchange across modern-day Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

Human Body Tissue Types

Embark on a microscopic journey through the versatile world of human body tissues, the fundamental fabrics that weave together to form the tapestry of life.
Embark on a journey through the magnificent edifice of human bone anatomy, a marvel of biological engineering that orchestrates our movements, guards our organs, and even creates the very blood that gives us life.

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