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Health & Safety

How to Survive Scorching Summer Days in Bulgaria: Your Ultimate FAQ

When the Bulgarian sun turns up the heat, don't sweat it! Here's your go-to guide for staying cool, hydrated, and sun-safe all summer long.

What to Do if You Have Skin Burn?

Getting a skin burn can be painful, but don't worry! Here are some practical steps and tips to help you take care of your skin and feel better quickly.

Managing a Heat Stroke

Don't Miss Destinations

Skaklya Waterfall

The Skaklya Waterfall is an incredible natural wonder in the Vrachanski Karst reserve, making it one of the most impressive waterfalls in Bulgaria. It stands approximately 141 meters tall, visible from Vratsa, drawing many tourists.


Camping in Bulgaria

Since July 2023, new rules for "free camping" have been debated in the Bulgarian Parliament, and camping will likely become more regulated. Regulation changes are expected to come into force in January 2024, and they will likely limit camping activities in areas such as preserves, natural landmarks, and protected areas. "Free camping" zones are expected to be regulated. They will require the availability of mobile sanitary points, dedicated parking spaces, and a clear statement of the camping zone's rules to be displayed.
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Moments from Bulgarian History

The Karanovo System

Delving into the depths of Southeastern Europe's ancient past, the Karanovo System serves as an archaeological compass, guiding us through the intricate labyrinth of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age cultures.

The Troy

The city of Troy, resonating with the grandeur of the Hellenistic age (330 BC - 85 BC), though not directly linked to modern Bulgaria, casts a wide cultural net across the ancient world, shaping the cultural landscape beyond its immediate boundaries.

The Glina-Schneckenberg Culture

The Glina-Schneckenberg culture, though centered beyond Bulgaria's modern borders, left a significant imprint on the broader canvas of Southeast Europe's prehistoric era, highlighting the interconnectedness of early cultures.

Archeological Cultures Chronology

Dive into the vibrant chronicle of Bulgaria's past as we unveil the timeless threads of diverse archeological cultures that graced and influenced its land....

Cotofeni Culture

Emerging from the dawn of the Bronze Age, the Coţofeni Culture weaves a tale of early human innovation and cultural exchange across modern-day Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

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