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Snow Plow Safety Tips

As winter blankets Bulgaria in snow, understanding how to coexist safely with snow plows is essential for any driver braving the roads.

Camping in Bulgaria

Since July 2023, new rules for "free camping" have been debated in the Bulgarian Parliament, and camping will likely become more regulated. Regulation changes are expected to come into force in January 2024, and they will likely limit camping activities in areas such as preserves, natural landmarks, and protected areas. "Free camping" zones are expected to be regulated. They will require the availability of mobile sanitary points, dedicated parking spaces, and a clear statement of the camping zone's rules to be displayed.

How to Connect Appliances to Bulgarian Power Sockets?

This guide is a handy resource aimed at assisting international travelers in familiarizing themselves with the Type F electricity and socket system in Bulgaria. It offers detailed insights on how to adapt various international plug types to connect seamlessly with Bulgarian sockets, ensuring a worry-free stay in this beautiful country.

How To Call Bulgarian Phone Numbers

Navigating international calling can be tricky - here's a simplified guide to dialing a Bulgarian phone number from your foreign cell phone while you're in Bulgaria.

How to get my car repaired in Bulgaria?

To get your car repaired in Bulgaria, look for shops specializing in the repair you need. If you drive a new car, which is under...

How can I find information on the visa requirements for Bulgaria?

To find information on visa requirements for Bulgaria, you can visit the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, which has detailed information on the different types...

How to get road assistance in Bulgaria?

To get road assistance in Bulgaria, contact the Bulgarian Drivers Association (BDA) by dialing 146 or +359  2 911 46. They provide 24/7 roadside assistance, including towing, tire repair, jump starts,...

How to find out if water from the tap is safe in Bulgaria?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Bulgaria. The water quality in Bulgaria meets the European Union’s standards and is considered safe to drink. However,...

Get Help

Good to know emergency numbers in Bulgaria:

European emergency no: 112
Ambulance: 150
Police: 166
Fire service: 160
Roadside Assistance: 146

What to do in the event of fire?
What to do in the event of car accident?