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Aerial View of the Great Basilica of Pliska

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Eternal Echoes of Bulgaria

This compelling aerial photograph unveils the majestic remnants of the Great Basilica of Pliska, a silent guardian of Bulgaria’s ancient history. Surrounded by lush greenery and fertile fields, the grand structure emerges as a testament to the architectural prowess of the First Bulgarian Empire. The intricate ruins, meticulously laid out, draw the eye to their geometric precision and storied past.

Early summer’s sharp, contrasting tones enhance the scene’s contemplative atmosphere, inviting you to ponder the cycles of time and the lasting legacy of human achievement. This image provides a unique perspective on a timeless monument, seamlessly blending natural beauty with historical grandeur.

Aerial view of the Great Basilica in Pliska, Bulgaria
Aerial view of the Great Basilica in Pliska, Bulgaria

Photo taken by Atanas

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