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Chengene Skele: A Charming Bulgarian Fishing Village from Above

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A Charming Bulgarian Fishing Village from Above

This top-down aerial photograph captures the serene beauty of Chengene Skele, a small fishing village in Bulgaria with just over 170 people. With its sparkling reflections, the pastel blue sea provides a stunning backdrop to the charming scene. The fishing boats in the canals near small fishermen’s houses create a picturesque and romantic atmosphere reminiscent of a movie set. From above, the view evokes memories of the iconic water canals of Venice but with a distinct Bulgarian fishing village flavor. This aerial perspective showcases the unspoiled beauty of Chengene Skele and celebrates the simplicity and harmony of traditional Bulgarian fishing communities.

Chengene Skele: A Charming Bulgarian Fishing Village from Above, Aerial Photography

Photo taken by Dimitar

Explore Chengene Skele on Southeast Bulgaria by the Sea Road Trip and discover the beauty that awaits you. Check our itinerary for more details on this unforgettable journey.

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