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Ropotamo River Mouth

Immerse yourself in the serene splendor of the Ropotamo River mouth, a mesmerizing natural haven tucked away along Bulgaria's southern Black Sea coast, celebrated for its rich biodiversity and idyllic scenery.

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Discover the tranquil charm of the Ropotamo River mouth, a hidden gem in Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast. This natural wonder is celebrated for its stunningly diverse flora and fauna, supported by a unique blend of river and sea ecosystems.

The Ropotamo River Mouth

Upon reaching the river mouth, you’ll be greeted by a peaceful landscape where the Ropotamo River gently merges with the Black Sea. It is the perfect setting for a leisurely boat ride. As you drift along the calm waters, you’ll be captivated by the lush greenery of the river banks and the hypnotic rhythm of the waves.

Looking North-West from Ropotamo River Mouth

The area is home to many bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Keep your eyes peeled for herons, cormorants, and the rare, white-tailed eagle. The area is also famous for its water lilies, adding a splash of color to this already vibrant setting.

The Ropotamo River mouth is still a pristine natural beauty that offers a refreshing break from the bustling tourist spots. A visit here provides a unique opportunity to commune with nature and immerse oneself in the serene beauty of Bulgaria’s South Black Sea coast. This slice of paradise awaits your exploration. Don’t miss it!

Today, two possible ways exist to reach the beautiful Ropotamo River mouth.

By Boat From The River, But Not Anymore

In the past, along the Ropotamo River, you could have gone by boat. Going upstream, against the current, will bring you to the deepest part of the river. The pier, from which you could have taken the boat, is located next to Burgas-Rezovo’s main road, just at the point the road crosses the river. The spot can still be reached through a wooden path starting from a small parking lot on the side of the road. The price for a boat ticket used to be circa EUR 6. The downstream boat trip is seasonally only available, and we discovered that it is not offered anymore.

By Boat From The Sea

You can rent a boat from Sozopol for a half or full-day experience, and you can enjoy the sea, the magnificent shore views, and the two small and tranquil beaches by the Ropotamo River mouth.

By Foot

Reaching Ropotamo River Mouth by Foot

It takes half an hour to drive and half an hour to walk to the Ropotamo River mouth. From the riverboat point, you will drive South to Primorsko and then to Perla Beach. Continue to the Beglik Tash parking and drive further on the narrow road going North. In about 2 km, you will reach the barrier that closes the access road to the Ropotamo River mouth. You can leave your car here and continue for about half an hour on foot to reach the river mouth. You will walk on the road in shady and sunlit areas, and bringing water with you is advisable during the summer season. Here is the google maps trip.

Cape St. Parashkeva

When we visited the place in July 2023, it was busy, and it seems that it became popular among tourists seeking adventure and became a popular boat trip destination from the nearby Sozopol and Primorsko yacht ports.

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