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Aerial View of Sozopol Marina

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Twilight Harmony: Aerial View of the Old and New Marina of Sozopol

In this serene aerial photograph, the Old and New marinas of Sozopol, Bulgaria, are bathed in a summer sunset’s warm, golden hues. The tranquil waters of the marina reflect the fading light, creating a mirror-like surface that enhances the peaceful atmosphere. Rows of boats, meticulously docked, form a harmonious pattern while a few vessels gently drift, adding a touch of dynamic contrast to the scene.

The blend of historic charm and modern vitality is captured beautifully above, offering a unique perspective on this coastal town’s dual marinas. The interplay of light and shadow, along with the soft summer breeze, invites viewers to savor the quiet elegance of this maritime haven.

Aerial sunset view of the old and new marina in Sozopol, Bulgaria
Aerial sunset view of the old and new marina in Sozopol, Bulgaria

Photo taken by Stoyan Haytov

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