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Understanding Money

A Story of Magic Beans in Bulgaria

What are Money Magic Beans?

Let’s pretend that money is like magic beans. You can swap these magic beans for things you want or need, just like Jack in the fairy tale. You can trade these beans for something valuable, like a new toy or a tasty ice cream cone.

Money – Magic Beans in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, these magic beans are called Leva. When you’re at the local store in Sofia and see a toy that catches your eye, you can give some Leva beans to the shopkeeper, and they’ll let you take the toy home.

Who Grows the Magic Beans?

You may be curious about where these Leva beans come from. Bulgaria has a special place called the Bulgarian National Bank, which is like a giant, magical beanstalk. Instead of growing beans in a garden, they ensure there are enough Leva beans for everyone in the country.

Earning Your Magic Beans

But to get Leva beans, you need to do something called ‘earning’. Think of it like tending to your beanstalk to help it grow. Adults tend to do their jobs, like teaching or baking delicious banitsa, earning Leva beans in return.

Planting and Trading Magic Beans

Once you have Leva beans, you can decide what to do with them. You might immediately trade them for something you want, like a yummy kozunak (a sweet Bulgarian bread). Or you might decide to plant your beans and let them grow into a bigger beanstalk, like saving your money to buy something larger in the future, such as a bicycle.

And that’s the magic of money – or should we say, magic beans! Remember, whether you’re dealing with Leva beans in Bulgaria or other magic beans in different countries, you must be smart about how you trade or grow them.

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