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Road Infrastructure and Road Conditions in Bulgaria

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Bulgarian road infrastructure has low road density, and its quality is lower than other EU countries. Bulgaria’s population density is very low – around 62 inhabitants per square kilometer and longer distances must be covered to reach the more remote parts of the country compared to other European countries.

Rural Roads

Technically, Bulgaria does not use the major speed-calming measures widely in the cities. There are no lane narrowings by extending sidewalks, curb extensions, pedestrian refuges, no median diverters, and cul-de-sacs are very rare. Some vertical and horizontal deflection elements are already in use, such as speed bumps, cushions, tables, raised pedestrian crossings, and speed chokers.

Vehicles On The Road

Bulgaria does not impose restrictions on the import of used vehicles, and there is no age or taxation limit on imported cars. Import and periodic vehicle inspections are mandatory. There are no helmet standards, either.

This means having mixed traffic with many old-model cars and new vehicles on the same roads with different abilities to accelerate, brake, and safety standards.

Essential details

Bulgaria's Road Trips

Enhance your understanding and delight in the traditional events and unique locales Bulgaria has to offer. Alongside these, discover other mesmerizing places within the country. We invite you to peruse our recommended itineraries for these insightful explorations.

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