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Pobitite Kamuni

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Pobitite Kamani place, also known as The Stone Forest, is a natural landmark in Bulgaria known for its unique geological formation and is a natural landmark in Bulgaria. They are believed to have formed around 50 million years ago, based on the abundant fossil content found in the area. The origin of the petrified tree trunks is debated, with the central hypothesis being that they formed either organically or inorganically. The Pobitite Kamuni area was declared a natural landmark in 1937 to protect it. It is considered the only naturally formed desert in Eastern Europe and one of only two naturally formed deserts in Europe, the other being the Tabernas Desert in Spain.

The Pobitite Kamuni area is surrounded by legends, one of which tells the story of a band of rebels who sought refuge in the lush forest but were betrayed by one of their own. In a moment of rage, the mother of an infant child whose life was taken by the Ottomans, let out a scream that caused a powerful storm to rage. Nature’s fury was so intense that only petrified tree trunks remained when it subsided. Another legend suggests that titans and home once guarded the area to a brave young man who God granted immortality, but at the cost of keeping God’s name a secret. When he was tempted to reveal the name to win the heart of a beautiful woman, he wrote it using the bodies of the titans, causing them to be petrified.

Pobitite Kamuni is just a few minutes from the main road between Varna and Devnya, and it will take about 25 minutes to reach the city of Varna. 

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