Institutions in Bulgaria


Several vital institutions in Bulgaria play a role in the country’s government and administration. These include:

  • The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB): The central bank of Bulgaria, responsible for setting monetary policy, issuing and regulating the country’s currency, and supervising the banking sector.
  • The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC): A regulatory body responsible for ensuring the stability and integrity of the financial system in Bulgaria, including the banking and insurance sectors and capital markets.
  • The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria: A high court responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Constitution of Bulgaria.
  • The Supreme Court of Cassation: Bulgaria’s highest court of appeal, responsible for hearing appeals from lower courts and ensuring the uniform application of laws.
  • The Supreme Administrative Court: Bulgaria’s highest administrative justice court, responsible for hearing appeals in administrative cases and ensuring the proper application of administrative law.
  • The State Agency for National Security (SANS) is a national security agency responsible for protecting the state from internal and external threats and gathering intelligence.
  • The State Agency for Child Protection: A government agency responsible for protecting Bulgaria’s children’s rights and interests.
  • The Ombudsman: An independent institution responsible for protecting the rights and interests of citizens and ensuring the proper functioning of the state and its institutions.
  • The National Audit Office: An independent body responsible for auditing the financial activities of the state and its institutions.
  • The National Revenue Agency: A government agency responsible for collecting taxes and duties and enforcing tax laws in Bulgaria.

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