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Institutions in Bulgaria

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In Bulgaria, a network of essential institutions forms the nation’s governance and development backbone. These organizations, ranging from government bodies to administrative agencies, play a critical role in shaping the country’s future. They ensure the smooth operation of public services, uphold the rule of law, and foster economic growth. Through strategic planning and effective implementation of policies, these institutions work tirelessly to address societal needs and challenges. Their efforts in maintaining stability, promoting social welfare, and encouraging investment significantly contribute to Bulgaria’s prosperity and the well-being of its citizens.

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB)

The Central Bank of Bulgaria sets monetary policy, issues and regulates the country’s currency, and supervises the banking sector.

The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC)

A regulatory body is responsible for ensuring the stability and integrity of Bulgaria’s financial system, including the banking, insurance, and capital markets.

The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria

A high court responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Constitution of Bulgaria.

The Supreme Court of Cassation

Bulgaria’s highest court of appeals is responsible for hearing appeals from lower courts and ensuring the uniform application of laws.

The Supreme Administrative Court

Bulgaria’s highest administrative justice court is responsible for hearing appeals in administrative cases and ensuring the proper application of administrative law.

The State Agency for National Security (SANS)

SANS is a national security agency responsible for protecting the state from internal and external threats and gathering intelligence.

The State Agency for Child Protection

A government agency responsible for protecting Bulgaria’s children’s rights and interests.

The Ombudsman

An independent institution is responsible for protecting citizens’ rights and interests and ensuring the state’s and its institutions’ proper functioning.

The National Audit Office

An independent body auditing the state’s and its institutions’ financial activities.

The National Revenue Agency

A government agency responsible for collecting taxes and duties and enforcing tax laws in Bulgaria.

This compact guide aims to demystify the intricacies of Bulgarian politics, unpacking some historical events, evaluating the current political environment, and delving into policy issues.

A Guide to Bulgarian Politics

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