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Discover Facts About the Flavors of Bulgarian Cuisine

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Explore Bulgaria’s delicious and diverse food culture, including the famous Shopska salad that won the title of the best dish in Europe, the national drink Rakia, the birthplace of yogurt, a rich history of wine production, and the highly acclaimed white cheese. Get ready to taste the unique flavors of Bulgaria!

  • Bulgaria’s most famous salad, the Shopska salad, won the title of the best dish in Europe in a contest held by the European Parliament.
  • Rakia, an alcoholic drink made from fermented pears, grapes, or apricots, is the country’s national drink and is often served with Shopska salad.
  • In Bulgarian food culture, salad is typically served as a starter before the main course, unlike in many other countries where it is served alongside the main course.
  • Bulgaria is known as the birthplace of yogurt. Its unique consistency is due to Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which can only be found in this region.
  • In the 1980s, Bulgaria was the second-largest wine producer in the world.
  • Wine-growers Day, also known as Trifon Zarezan, is celebrated on February 14th in Bulgaria to celebrate the country’s love for wine.
  • Bulgaria’s white cheese is highly acclaimed for its unique flavor and creamy texture and has received numerous international awards, including the World Cheese Awards and the Golden Cheese Award.

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