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Explore the rich history of Bulgaria through its impressive architecture and social development. From the ancient St. George Rotunda Church in Sofia to the sophisticated Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the charming cobblestone streets of Kovachevitsa, there’s a story to be told at every turn. Discover the oldest town in Bulgaria, Sozopol, and the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, Plovdiv, as well as the country’s numerous monasteries dating back to the 9th century.

  • The St. George Rotunda Church is the oldest building in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. It was built in the early 4th century as a Roman bath and became a church inside the walls of Serdica. Sofia is included in three road trip itineraries.
  • Sofia city was built on top of Roman ruins, and the Saint Sofia Church contains an old Roman theater that can be viewed through glass windows on the floor. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world and was built between 1904 and 1912 to honor Russian soldiers who helped liberate the country from Ottoman rule. Its design is sophisticated, and some of its domes are gold-plated.
  • The village of Kovachevitsa is known for its revival period charm, with cobblestone streets and houses made of wood and stone. Kovachevitsa is included in the Southwestern Bulgaria Road trip.
  • According to an engraved plate on its east railing, the Kadin Bridge in Nevestino is a 100-meter-long medieval stone bridge built in 1470.
  • Sozopol is the oldest town in Bulgaria, believed to have been founded in 480 BC, according to the ancient historian Herodotus. Sozopol is included in the Southeastern by the Sea Road Trip and in the Discovery Road Trip itineraries.
  • Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, with only about 300 people. Melnik is included in the Southwestern Bulgaria Road trip.
  • Plovdiv is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. The city of Plovdiv is included in three road trip itineraries.
  • Bulgaria has over 350 monasteries, many of which date back to the ninth century and are located in remote areas surrounded by natural beauty.

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The Discovery Road Trip

Get an accurate impression of the country’s regions in southern and northern Bulgaria. You will see the Balkan peninsula’s most extensive mountain – Stara Planina, the Thracian plane, and the Black sea. You will spend nights and days in an old village in the mountains, as well as in the Black sea and the ancient capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo.

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You will see many historical places and monasteries and get an accurate impression of southwestern Bulgaria. You will see the Rila and Pirin mountains and will enjoy majestic views.

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The southeastern coast of Bulgaria is a region of unparalleled natural beauty, with a varied landscape that includes sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and picturesque fishing villages. One of the main attractions of the southeastern coast is its long stretch of sandy beaches, which are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

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