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Bulgaria’s Healthcare System

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Bulgaria’s allure as an expat haven lies in its affordable living, picturesque landscapes, and easy European access. Despite boasting highly skilled medical professionals, the healthcare infrastructure faces challenges with funding and standards. Many doctors prefer the private sector’s better opportunities.

Health Insurance: A Must for Expats

For anyone considering a move, securing reliable health insurance is crucial. International plans ensure comprehensive coverage, both at home and abroad.

Navigating Public Healthcare

Public healthcare in Bulgaria struggles with poor facilities and staffing shortages. Expats often favor private healthcare for its efficiency and modernity. EU and EEA citizens benefit from the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which grants free treatment at certain public hospitals. Expats need to contribute to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to access public healthcare and choose their GP and dentist. Public sector consultations incur a small fee, but in-patient care is free. Dental treatments, however, are usually not covered by the NHIF.

Private healthcare in Bulgaria stands out for its advancement and quality, attracting medical tourists, especially for cosmetic and dental work. With competitive prices and bilingual staff, it’s an attractive option for expats. Nevertheless, costs can accumulate, making comprehensive international health insurance advisable.

Pharmacies and Medications in Bulgaria

Bulgarian pharmacies are widespread and always staffed by qualified pharmacists, with some cities offering 24-hour service. Prescription regulations may differ from those in expats’ home countries, highlighting the importance of knowing generic medication names.

Emergency Services

The NHIF provides emergency care free of charge in critical situations. Payment is required for non-critical cases. Expats should prepare for potential language challenges and have emergency transport plans. The European Emergency Number 112 offers English-speaking assistance and is essential for directing expats in emergencies.

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Bulgaria's Road Trips

Enhance your understanding and delight in the traditional events and unique locales Bulgaria has to offer. Alongside these, discover other mesmerizing places within the country. We invite you to peruse our recommended itineraries for these insightful explorations.

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