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Captivating Discoveries About Modern Bulgaria

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Discover fascinating facts about modern Bulgaria, including its connection to the founder of Facebook, its high internet speeds, and its unique contributions to technology and science. Uncover lesser-known details such as the longest Bulgarian word, the first woman in the world to participate in a military flight, and the country’s rich history of resorts.

  • Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has Bulgarian ancestry and was named after his Bulgarian grandfather, Marko.
  • John Vincent Atanasoff, the inventor of the first digital computer, is also of Bulgarian descent, with Ivan Atanasov as his Bulgarian immigrant father.
  • Bulgaria has a parliamentary system of government. Find out more information about Institutions in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria ranks 20th in the world for internet speeds.
  • The Bulgarian folk song “Izlel e Delyu Haydutin” performed by Valya Balkanska, was included on the Golden Record, a collection of human artifacts sent into space on board Voyager I as a message for extraterrestrial life.
  • Peter Petroff, the inventor of the first digital wristwatch, also has Bulgarian origins.
  • The longest Bulgarian word, meaning “do not perform actions against the constitution,” consists of 39 letters.
  • The first woman in the world who participated in a military flight was the Bulgarian Rayna Kasabova.
  • Bulgaria has 142 resorts, including 26 marine resorts, 56 mountain resorts, and 58 balneological resorts.

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Enhance your understanding and delight in the traditional events and unique locales Bulgaria has to offer. Alongside these, discover other mesmerizing places within the country. We invite you to peruse our recommended itineraries for these insightful explorations.

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