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Beglik Tash: Bulgaria’s Ancient Rock Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the mystery of the past at Beglik Tash, a remarkable prehistoric rock sanctuary on Bulgaria's sun-kissed Black Sea coast, where history and nature intertwine in fascinating ways.

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A Hidden Treasure

Imagine the warm morning sun slowly illuminating ancient stone monoliths as you step into a hidden realm of Bulgarian history. Nestled on a small plateau above the shores of the Black Sea, Beglik Tash is a treasure off the beaten tourist path. It takes us on a journey back about 4000 years ago to the Bronze Age when the Thracians, an ancient Indo-European people, ruled these lands.

Walking Through Time

You start at the stone circle, a symphony of rocks weathered by time and history. The space has an almost hypnotic quiet, broken only by the distant sea crash against the shore. You’ll find what archaeologists believe to be a Thracian sundial among the massive stones. In this secluded circle, the Thracians gathered, perhaps to observe the heavens, conduct religious rites, or mark the passing of the seasons.

The Monolithic Throne

Further into the sanctuary, you come across a large, flat rock formation called the “Thracian Throne”. This monolith, believed to be a place of oracles and spiritual leaders, commands a panoramic view of the surrounding forest. Sitting atop the “Throne”, one can almost hear the echoes of ancient rites and feel the wisdom of the Thracian seers.

The Mysterious Labirynth

Continue your journey by entering the Labyrinth. A series of tall, imposing stone slabs arranged in a rough circle with an entrance to the east. Here, you can explore the fascinating geology that shaped Beglik Tash. These stones were not placed here by human hands but by the forces of nature over millions of years. The Thracians merely discovered, hewed, and turned them into their sacred space.

An Ancient Sundial

Near the labyrinth, you find one of the most enchanting parts of Beglik Tash: a natural stone hole through which the sun shines. It’s more than a simple hole; it’s a primitive sundial, a cosmic calendar used to measure the year’s cycle. When the sun is at its zenith, its rays pass through the opening, falling onto a flat stone marked with a line. The Thracians likely used this setup to mark important dates such as the summer and winter solstice.

Journey’s End: The Stone Altar

Finally, after a day of exploration, you end your journey at the stone altar. Thought to be used for offerings or possibly even sacrifices, it’s a humbling reminder of the depth of belief and tradition that once permeated these lands.


Beglik Tash is not merely a collection of stones on a hill. It’s a testament to a civilization that thrived here over three millennia ago. It’s a whisper from our ancestors and a monument to human curiosity and the desire to understand our place in the universe. Visiting Beglik Tash is not just about witnessing an archaeological site. It’s about connecting with the past, nature, and our human story.

Essential details

Earliest cultural period:
Thracians - Odrysian Kingdom (2000 BC - 700 AD)
Year of construction:
Can be seen on:
The Discovery Road Trip, Southeastern Bulgaria by the Sea Road Trip

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