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The Lion’s Head

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The Lion’s Head is a natural rock formation located in the Ropotamo Reserve, resembling a sleeping lion’s head profile. It can be seen from the road Sozopol – Primorsko and during a boat ride on the Ropotamo River. The rock pyramid, also known as Valchanovo Kale, is named after the local legend of Valchan voivoda. The formation was declared a natural landmark in 1947 and can only be reached by hiking on a marked path. Legend has it that a 30-meter deep well at the top of the rock contains a buried golden treasure, which treasures hunters have searched for years. Some locals have also claimed to have found ruins of an old building and large stone balls on top, suggesting they may have been used as a defense mechanism to repel unwanted visitors.

A note to hikers: reaching the top of the rock requires excellent patience and climbing skills, and it is also quite dangerous due to the presence of snakes.

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