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The Lion’s Head

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The Lion’s Head is a striking natural rock formation in the Ropotamo Reserve. It perfectly resembles the profile of a sleeping lion.

Location and Visibility

This majestic structure is easily spotted from the road connecting Sozopol to Primorsko. Additionally, it’s a highlight of boat tours along the Ropotamo River.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Also referred to as Valchanovo Kale, the name and legend of Valchan voivoda, a local hero, are intricately linked to this formation. In 1947, it was officially recognized as a natural landmark.

Access and Exploration

Adventure seekers can reach the Lion’s Head by following a designated hiking trail, offering a closer look at its natural beauty.

The Legend of the Golden Treasure

A legend entwines the formation with mystery, suggesting a golden treasure lies within a 30-meter-deep well at the rock’s summit. This tale has spurred countless treasure hunts over the years.

Archaeological Findings

Some explorers have reported discovering ruins of an ancient building and large stone balls atop the rock. These findings hint at its possible use as a defensive site in the past.

Hiking Advisory

Aspiring hikers should note that reaching the top requires patience, skill, and caution, as the area is known for its snake population.

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