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The Thracian Tomb Heroon

Sun, sea, and a voyage through time - welcome to the Thracian Tomb Heroon near Pomorie, Bulgaria's best-kept secret.

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The Journey Begins in Pomorie

As the Bulgarian sun burns brightly overhead, we embark on a journey, not just through the stunning landscapes but deep into the past – to the Thracian Tomb Heroon near Pomorie. History sleeps here, nestled beneath the earth, resting until curious minds dare to uncover it.

The Beachside Town with a Twist

While Pomorie, nestled next to the azure waves of the Black Sea, offers a tranquil beach retreat, it is also home to something more. Just a stone’s throw away lies the Thracian Tomb Heroon, a mystical portal into the intriguing past of the Thracians.

A Testament to Thracian Civilization

Constructed around the 2nd-3rd century AD, the tomb whispers tales of the Thracians’ reverence for the afterlife. This enigmatic civilization has long captured the imaginations of historians and tourists alike, drawing them in with its captivating blend of history and mystery.

An Interactive Dive into the Past

The Thracian Tomb Heroon isn’t just an exhibit to behold from behind a glass wall. Visitors can enter, feel the excellent stone, and experience history firsthand. The tomb is not merely a static monument but a tangible, immersive connection to the Thracian world.

A Memorable Summer Holiday

Amid the summer holidays’ excitement, the Thracian Tomb Heroon offers a break from the ordinary. This archaeological gem educates and fascinates, captivating the imagination with tales of Thracian culture and traditions.

A Juxtaposition of Modern and Ancient

The Thracian Tomb Heroon, juxtaposed against your modern beachside vacation, brings an unexpected yet delightful dimension to your summer getaway. While the sunny beaches and turquoise waters offer tranquility, the tomb adds a splash of adventure, history, and learning to your journey.

History Awaits

Beneath you, history waits. The Thracian Tomb Heroon stands just around the corner, inviting you to step back in time. Here, history is not just something you read about – it’s something you experience.

A Summer Blend of Relaxation and Adventure

This summer, let the beaches of Pomorie be your haven, the Thracian Tomb Heroon your adventure, and the echoes of the past whisper something new into your future. Your holiday can be as educational as relaxing as you uncover the vibrant tapestry of history beneath the Bulgarian sun.

Essential details

Earliest cultural period:
Thracians - Odrysian Kingdom (2000 BC - 700 AD)
Year of construction:
Can be seen on:
The Discovery Road Trip, Southeastern Bulgaria by the Sea Road Trip

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