Sunday, July 14, 2024

Aerial View of Ognyanovo Dam

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Reflections of Bulgarian Summer Serenity

This evocative aerial photograph transforms the Ognyanovo Dam into a serene tableau under gentle summer rain. The still waters mirror the sky above, capturing the soft dance of raindrops as they create delicate ripples. At the center, a solitary, weathered structure stands like a sentinel, its reflection stretching into the depths below. The overcast sky, subtle shades of grey and blue, adds to the tranquil and reflective atmosphere.

This image beautifully blends the natural and the man-made, inviting viewers to lose themselves in its calm, meditative quality. A testament to the quiet beauty of summer showers, this photograph captures a moment of perfect stillness and reflection.

Ognyanovo Reservoir Water Tower
The Ognyanovo Reservoir’s Water Tower

Photo taken by Tsenko

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