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Aerial View of the Black Sea’s Sandy Beach

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Bulgaria's Rhythms of Summer

In this captivating aerial photograph, the sandy beach of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast unfolds in a mesmerizing pattern of beach umbrellas and loungers. Each element is meticulously arranged, creating an intricate tapestry of sun-soaked relaxation. The vivid blue and yellow umbrellas punctuate the soft beige of the sand, forming a striking visual rhythm that is both orderly and inviting.

The emptiness of the beach, devoid of summer’s bustle, lends a serene, almost surreal quality to the scene. With its playful geometry and harmonious color palette, this image evokes the tranquil promise of summer days frozen in the quiet of winter. An aerial symphony of leisure and light, this photograph invites the viewer to bask in its tranquil beauty.

Aerial view of empty sandy beach with beach umbrellas and chairs at summer day. Black Sea, Bulgaria
Aerial view of empty sandy beach with beach umbrellas and chairs on summer day. Black Sea, Bulgaria

Photo taken by Sandsun

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