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Aerial View Over Plovdiv’s Rowing Channel

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A Plovdiv's Winter Symphony

This striking aerial photograph captures the serene symmetry of Plovdiv’s iconic rowing channel, elegantly bisecting the winter landscape. The empty canal, a mirror of deep turquoise, stretches with geometric precision, creating a visual juxtaposition against the softly snow-blanketed surroundings. The bridge, casting a dramatic shadow, draws the viewer’s eye to the subtle contrasts and textures of the scene.

Frozen in time, this winter tableau exudes a quiet, contemplative beauty that invites viewers to appreciate the harmonious blend of natural and man-made elements. A testament to the serene elegance of Bulgaria’s urban waterscapes, this image is a masterclass in aerial artistry.

Aerial photo over rowing channel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Aerial photo over rowing channel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Photo taken by Petar

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