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Kostenec Waterfall

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A Natural Landmark in the Rila Mountains.

Kostenec Waterfall Summary

Waterfall Height

12 m

Above the Sea

871 m


2h 15 m (one way); 9,4 km (one way)

Kids Friendly

Yes, 12+

Kostenec Waterfall is a stunning natural landmark in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria. It is situated on the Chavcha River, about 3 kilometers south of the village of Kostenec, 6 km in the same direction from the town of Kostenets, 35 km east of the resort of Borovets, and 79 km southeast of the capital Sofia.

The Kostenec Waterfall has a height of about 12 meters and was declared a natural landmark in 1974. The waterfall is visited all year round as the infrastructure for access to the waterfall is well developed, with dining options and parking available. The Kostenec waterfall is located in the center of the “Vili Kostenec” resort area in the Rila National Park, one of the largest national parks in Bulgaria and one of the most significant in Europe, certified by “PAN PARKS” due to its preserved nature.

The Kostenec Gorge begins here, and natural caves and rock formations are also part of the site, protected by law. The plants on the rocks around the waterfall are also protected, making this natural wonder a site of ecological importance.

The Kostenec Waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests, making it a breathtaking sight. The most significant volume of water flows during spring with snow melting; in the summer, the water decreases; in the winter, at low temperatures, the entire waterfall freezes, creating a mesmerizing sight.

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Near the Kostenec Waterfall, picnic facilities, restaurants, and hot mineral springs add to the area’s attractions. Visitors can relax and unwind in the hot springs while admiring the beautiful views of the waterfall.

In 1917, Ivan Vazov, a renowned Bulgarian writer, was inspired by the area’s natural beauty and wrote the collection of poems “Yulska Kitka”. Together with his later cycle of poems “Dissonances”, the collection was republished in 1921 under the title “What the Mountain Sings”. Two poems are dedicated to the Kostenec Waterfall: “Over the Waterfall” and “The Waterfall is Crying”.

The Kostenec Waterfall is a must-see natural attraction in Bulgaria that offers a unique experience for nature lovers and visitors seeking to unwind in the stunning natural surroundings. It is recommended to visit the waterfall during the spring and after rainfalls, when the water flow is at its strongest, providing visitors with a mesmerizing sight of the cascading waters.

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