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The Canyon of Waterfalls

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The Majestic Beauty of Canyon of Waterfalls in Rhodopes

The Canyon of Waterfalls Summary

Waterfall Height

141 m

Above the Sea

1194 m


1 h 30 m (round way); 3 km (round way)

Kids Friendly

Yes, 8+

The Canyon of Waterfalls in Rhodopes is a must-see destination for nature lovers and hikers looking for an adventure. Its winding paths and breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls make it a truly unique and inspiring place.

The eco-path Canyon of the Waterfalls is located near Smolyan, a picturesque area surrounded by the Soskovcheto reserve. The path follows the Gerzovska River, and the numerous waterfalls make for an unforgettable hiking experience. One of the trail’s highlights is the Orpheus waterfall, one of the highest in the Rhodopes at 68 meters.

To reach the eco-path, you must leave Smolyan in the direction of the village of Mugla. Yellow arrow signs have been placed for the eco-path, and you can continue on a narrow road with bad asphalt until you reach a small parking lot. From there, it’s best to continue on foot as the road becomes very bad, and you are already very close to the beginning of the trail.

The trail is well-marked and equipped with comfortable rest areas, making it suitable for all ages. The observation decks along the path offer beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The Eco-Path

One of the unique features of the eco-path is the numerous waterfalls, with the bigger ones even having names. The Cascades waterfall is a series of waterfalls, with the last jump in the series being the highest. The Orpheus waterfall highlights the eco-trail, named after the harp-like water jets descending the rock. The Heart waterfall is so-called because of the heart-shaped “hole” it carves. The Kazanites waterfall is a series of several small waterfalls that flow from one cauldron to another.

As you walk along the path, you will feel a sense of awe and wonder at the natural beauty surrounding you. The views from the observation decks are breathtaking, and the waterfalls will leave you spellbound. The Canyon of Waterfalls in Rhodopes is a destination that anyone seeking a unique and inspiring nature adventure should not miss.

Practical Suggestions for Visitors

The eco-path is circular and can be divided into four stages, taking about three hours to complete. The first stage is a gentle climb on a wide road, much of which is paved with asphalt, and takes about 35 minutes. The second stage is a climb in places on wooden stairs and takes about an hour. You will come across two of the most attractive waterfalls – Orpheus and the Heart. The third stage is a descent, with the path winding through a forest, taking about 50 minutes. Finally, the fourth stage reverses the first stage, taking 35 minutes.

How to Get There and a Trek Map

Start your trip from Smolyan.

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