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How can I find information about smoking in Bulgaria?

Since 2012, Bulgaria has embraced a smoke-free ambiance in public spaces, banning smoking indoors at restaurants, cafes, bars, and venues. Outdoor areas, like parks and playgrounds, also observe restrictions. However, travelers can find solace in hotels and airports designated rooms for smokers.

Despite these regulations, enforcement may vary. Some restaurants and cafes might still welcome smokers in semi-enclosed spaces or offer separate smoking sections. It’s worth noting that e-cigarettes find more leniency, often permitted in places where traditional smoking isn’t.

For those sensitive to cigarette smoke or with health concerns, it’s wise to inquire about a venue’s smoke-free policy or opt for strictly non-smoking establishments.

Navigating Sofia Airport (SOF) As a Smoker?

Terminal 2 (T2) indoor smoking areas are off-limits after security, a smoking lounge awaits on the ground floor. After passport control, veer left, descend via the escalator, and turn left again to find your haven. You can enter this lounge with a Priority card.

Terminal 1 does not have areas for smokers after the security control.

See more information on smoking areas in Bulgarian airports.

See Customs Regulations on importation of tobacco products.

Smokers must be mindful of their surroundings when visiting Bulgaria, especially during the dry summer months. Please, do not throw cigarette butts out of your car while driving, and avoid doing so in natural areas too. The summer climate in Bulgaria is arid, significantly increasing the risk of wildfires. By taking these simple precautions, you contribute to preserving the beautiful Bulgarian landscapes and ensuring nature’s and its inhabitants’ safety. Let’s all play our part in preventing fires and protecting the environment.

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