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Polska Skakvitsa

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A Natural Wonder in Southwestern Bulgaria

Polska Skakvitsa Summary

Waterfall Height

50 m

Above the Sea

800 m


1 h (one way) 3,5 km (one way)

Kids Friendly

Yes, 10+

Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall is a natural wonder located in the northern part of the Kyustendil region, near the village of the same name and only 18 kilometers northeast of Kyustendil. This stunning waterfall is approximately 50 meters high and is the third-highest waterfall in Bulgaria. The Shiroki Dol, a right tributary of the Struma River, forms it. Karst springs west of it create the waters of the stream that form the Skakavitsa Waterfall.

How to Get There

The easy way to reach the Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall is to drive to the village of Polska Skakavitsa and take the country road towards the waterfall. The road is relatively flat and passable by car but narrow, so passing can be challenging if two cars meet. The road ends about 200-300 meters from the waterfall, and visitors must walk down a narrow and steep path to reach the meadow where they can see the waterfall. This path is well-marked and includes wooden railings in places.

How to Get There and a Trek Map

Limestone Makes this Waterfall Unique

The Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall is unique among Bulgarian waterfalls as it rises yearly due to the amount of limestone in the water. It was declared a natural landmark in 1968 and was formed by a high sill that gradually became a high terrace from which the falls now fall. The waterfall comprises several karst steps in its upper part, after which the water falls freely.

The Polska Skakvitsa Surroundings

The area surrounding the waterfall is picturesque, and visitors can also see the hamlet of the village of Polska Skakavitsa and the Orthodox Church Saint Dimitar nearby. According to legend, the beautiful girl Dragana, chased by Turks, jumped off the cliff beside the waterfall, shouting, “I am Bulgarian, I’m not going with a Turks, I’m not changing my faith”.

Visitors to the Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall will be rewarded with a unique and unforgettable experience. The waterfall is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and visitors can hike up to its middle part to feel its cool splashes and enjoy the views. Although the path can be steep and slippery in places, the reward of experiencing this natural wonder is well worth the effort.

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Water: Drinking water is available only at one place along the route. Bring a bottle; Sunshade: Take sunscreen with you, as well as a hat. Except for the last few hundred meters to the waterfall, the walking trail has no shade.

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