Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Arkutino Marsh Nature Reserve

The Arkutino Marsh Nature Reserve is on the landside of the main road, Burgas-Rezovo, just minutes away from Arkutino Beach.

Arda River Meanders

Discover the stunning Zavoya (The Turn) meander of the Arda River, also known as the Horseshoe bend of Kardjali Dam, located between Star Chitak...

Cape Emine

Cape Emine, the easternmost point of the Balkan Mountain, is a remarkable natural landmark that offers a unique and inspiring experience for all who...

Saint Anastasia Island in Burgas Bay, Black Sea

The History Saint Anastasia Island, also known as “Bulgaria’s Alcatraz”, is a small island in the Black Sea near Burgas. The island’s rich and varied history...

Pobitite Kamuni

Pobitite Kamuni place, also known as The Stone Forest, is a natural landmark in Bulgaria known for its unique geological formation and is a natural landmark...
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