112 & Emergency Phone Numbers and How to Dial Them for Help

112 can be dialed to reach emergency services – medical, fire, and police in case of a life-threatening situation, such as serious medical problems, crime, or fire – anywhere in Europe. 112 can be called from any landline or cellular phone. In Bulgaria, you can dial 166 for the police150 for the ambulance, and 160 for the fire rescue. Additional emergency phone numbers:

  • Bulgarian Black Sea Search & Rescue (BULSAR): 161
  • Car Breakdown Service: 112
  • Emergency Road Assistance: 143 or 146
  • Human Trafficking Resource Line: 0800 20 100
  • Pharmacy on duty information: 178
  • Traffic police: 165
  • Drugsinfo: 0888 99 18 66

To call a Bulgarian land phone from a European cell phone while in Bulgaria, you can dial the local phone number, including the area code, without any additional prefixes or exit codes. For example, if you try to call a Bulgarian phone number 123 456, with area code 32, you would dial +359 32 123 456.

Calling a Bulgarian cell phone from a European cell phone while visiting Bulgaria

If you are calling from a country within the European Union, you may be able to use the “Short Number” format to make calls within Bulgaria. This involves dialing the local cell phone number without the leading 0: 888 123 456. However, this option may not be available with all European cell phone providers and countries and may not work for all cell phone carriers. For instance, Swisscom users must dial + 359 888 123 456 if they are to call this number in Bulgaria.

Emergency phone numbers in Bulgaria
How to dial Bulgarian phone numbers
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