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Arriving in Bulgaria - Need to Know

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Your Visit in Bulgaria – A to Z Guide

Discover the charm and diversity of Bulgaria with this essential updated guide, designed to ensure a seamless and enriching travel experience.

How To in Bulgaria

Visiting by Car

Visiting Bulgaria From the Netherlands For A Road Trip

Unlike the Netherlands, Bulgaria has high mountains and many mountain passes. Outside temperature can change quickly for a relatively short period when driving high up....

Driving Regulations

Speed Limits and Speeding Fines in Bulgaria in Km/h

An overview of speed limits in Bulgaria. For cars and vans, the maximum speed permitted in Bulgaria on motorways is 140 km/h; on expressways, it is 120 km/h; on main roads and minor roads outside built-up areas, it is 90 km/h; and in built-up areas, it is 50 km/h, unless otherwise stated by traffic signs. The following are the permitted maximum speeds in Bulgaria (km/h) for all vehicle categories
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How to Survive Scorching Summer Days in Bulgaria: Your Ultimate FAQ

When the Bulgarian sun turns up the heat, don't sweat it! Here's your go-to guide for staying cool, hydrated, and sun-safe all summer long.

Visiting With Kids

Social Circles

Have you ever wondered about the different kinds of relationships you have with people around you? Your interactions can be grouped into different social circles, each with its own level of closeness and type of connection.

Physiological Levels of Organization

Have you ever wondered what makes up your body and how everything works together to keep you alive and kicking? Let's take an exciting journey through the physiological levels of the organization, from the tiniest parts to the amazing you!

Find the 11 Hidden Objects – Store Adventure

This engaging Unplugged Playtime offline game is your passport to a world of exploration and fun. Crafted with love and creativity, it invites children into a heartwarming scene of a mother spending time with her kids.

Find 9 Differences Game

Ready, Set, Spot! Can you uncover all 9 hidden changes in our fun Find the Differences game? Download Find the 9 Differences Game Once you've printed...

On The Farm Activities Mat

From barns to tractors and friendly farm animals, let your creativity bloom with us 'On The Farm' Activity Mat drawing game - offline fun...

Find 11 Hidden Travel Objects

Join us on another hunt in our "Find 11 Hidden Objects" game!
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Serene Morning at Ahtopol Marina

In the early morning light, the Ahtopol marina awakens with a serene ambiance. An aerial view captures the moment's stillness, with the sun casting gentle rays over the sea's calm, deep green waters.

Aerial View of Sozopol Marina

In this serene aerial photograph, the Old and New marinas of Sozopol, Bulgaria, are bathed in a summer sunset's warm, golden hues.

Latest In Bulgaria