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Arriving in Bulgaria - Need to Know

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Your Visit in Bulgaria – A to Z Guide

Discover the charm and diversity of Bulgaria with this essential updated guide, designed to ensure a seamless and enriching travel experience.

How To in Bulgaria

Visiting by Car

Visiting Bulgaria From the Netherlands For A Road Trip

Unlike the Netherlands, Bulgaria has high mountains and many mountain passes. Outside temperature can change quickly for a relatively short period when driving high up....

Driving Regulations

Speed Limits and Speeding Fines in Bulgaria in Km/h

An overview of speed limits in Bulgaria. For cars and vans, the maximum speed permitted in Bulgaria on motorways is 140 km/h; on expressways, it is 120 km/h; on main roads and minor roads outside built-up areas, it is 90 km/h; and in built-up areas, it is 50 km/h, unless otherwise stated by traffic signs. The following are the permitted maximum speeds in Bulgaria (km/h) for all vehicle categories
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New Low-Emission Vehicle Policy in Sofia: Restrictions and Alternatives Starting December 2023

Starting December 1, 2023, Sofia is taking a bold step towards cleaner air with a new policy that bars highly polluting vehicles from its...

Visiting With Kids

Camping Crossword Puzzle

Campfire and Crosswords! Can you solve our camping-themed crossword puzzle? Dive in and enjoy the adventure! Download the Camping Crossword Want to be in the know? Enlarge...

The Science Behind Flying and Wings

Exploring the dynamics of flight unveils intriguing concepts like the angle of attack and high-velocity airflow, which are pivotal in mastering the skies and unlocking the secrets of aerodynamics.

The Scientific Approach

Have you ever wondered how scientists make amazing discoveries and solve big mysteries? They use a special process called the scientific method. It's like a recipe for finding out new things about the world.

The Happy Chemicals Teamwork

Explore the enchanting realm within your brain, where remarkable chemicals named Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, and Serotonin act as tiny agents of joy, providing sensations of pleasure, relief, affection, and equilibrium!

Fairness Explained For Kids

Fairness is an important concept that can be difficult for you to understand. One way to explain fairness is by imagining a game. Imagine that you...

Summertime – 10 – Words Crossword

Cool Clues, Summer Views: Dive into our Summertime Crossword Fun! Download the Summertime Crossword for Kids Answers are included in the crossword.
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Golden Sands: A Midday Oasis of Tranquility

This bird's-eye view photo of Golden Sands Resort in Bulgaria, located just North from the city of Varna, captured under the radiant midday sun, unveils the sheer beauty of this paradisiacal beach resort town.

The Enchanting Aerial View of Tsarevets Fortress in Autumn’s Embrace

As the first rays of sunlight pierce through the morning fog, this ethereal aerial view of Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo unveils a captivating autumn scene.

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