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Lentil Bacon Soup

With its fusion of smoky, savory flavors and hearty ingredients, this Gourmet Thick Lentil Bacon Soup delivers a comforting culinary experience that's perfect for any time of the year. It's a delicious reminder of the power of simple ingredients to create something truly special.

Lentil Chorizo Soup

This gourmet recipe for Thick Lentil Soup with Chorizo and Potatoes offers an incredible amalgamation of flavors, combining the earthy goodness of lentils, the comforting feel of potatoes, and the spicy kick of chorizo. It's more than a soup—it's a hearty, satisfying culinary experience in every spoonful.

Bulgarian Clear Lentil Soup

Experience the essence of Bulgarian home cooking with this authentic Clear Lentil Soup recipe. Warm, comforting, and brimming with the hearty goodness of lentils...

Bulgarian Thick Lentil Soup

With this robust and comforting Bulgarian Lentil Soup recipe, you're not just serving a meal, but offering an experience steeped in tradition and warmth. Laden with wholesome lentils and vibrant vegetables, it's a gourmet dish that speaks volumes of the country's culinary heritage, promising a soothing, hearty delight in every spoonful.

Stuffed Vine Leaves With Meat

Unearth the alluring flavors of Bulgarian cuisine with this gourmet recipe for meat-stuffed vine leaves, otherwise known as Bulgarian Lozovi Sarmi. This dish is...

The Art of Filleting: Sole Fish Simplified

What Tools Do I Need to Fillet a Flat Fish? A sharp, thin, flexible knife, or A spoon A fork A serving plate Instructions to Fillet a Flat Fish: Step...

Durankulak’s Fish Soup

The Bulgarian fish soup (or Ribena Supa) from Durankulak is a hearty and flavorful dish showcasing various fresh vegetables and tender fish in a...

Bulgarian Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Bulgarian Zelevi Sarmi, or stuffed cabbage leaves, is a heartwarming and traditional dish that features tender cabbage leaves filled with a savory combination of...

Bulgarian Pulneni Chushki

Pulneni Chushki, or Bulgarian stuffed peppers, is a traditional and appetizing dish with bell peppers filled with a savory mixture of rice, minced meat,...

Stuffed Vine Leaves (Veggie)

Bulgarian veggie stuffed vine leaves, known as Lozovi Sarmi, are a traditional and flavorful dish that consists of a savory mixture of rice, onions,...
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